Please Remember…

Promise that you will sing about me. When my light turns off and my ashes are laid to rest, promise you’ll sing about me. I hope i came into your life and brought nothing but love. I hope that i touched every corner of your soul. I pray that i flowed into your cracks and glued them back together, in some way. Please remember why you loved me before. Please remember all the times i cried. Not because it showed how vulnerable i was but because it showed i was strong enough to let it out. i hoped i saved you. Remember the side of you that i touched. The side i brought out that you had no idea you had. Remember the times we laid together. The times i let you in without hesitation. All the calm and hectic moments. All the sad and beautiful moments. Please remember. Please sing about me. Remember the times i touched the parts of you no ever had. The times i brought sensations no words can explain. Stand over my ashes and know that i gave you all the love i could. Remember it all.

love you always,



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