Soul On Soul Contact

Its 12:21am and I am on the bus heading home. There’s a empty seat next to me and all I wish was someone was next to me. You ever have those days where you just want to have a genuine conversation with someone? It doesn’t matter if they’re a friend or even a stranger? You just want to talk. For me human connection is very important. People we run into in our life make a difference if we like it or not. We take a piece of the moment that stays with us, forever. It might be that I’m lonely now or simply because I’m tired. But now that I realize it, I don’t really have someone I usually just call up and catch up with. Now a days we just talk to people either because we want something from them or just have to. We don’t call up someone just to see how they’re doing anymore. What exciting and exotic events have being taking place. We are so stuck in our everyday lives, that we forget. So next time you have the opportunity to have a conversation with someone, take it. Whether you know them or not. Maybe you get to hear a story of a lifetime or maybe it goes south but a least you learned something from it.

love you always,



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