Sundays:Beginnings or Endings?

People dread the idea of it being Sunday. For them it means the weekend is over. Their escape of reality comes to an end. For others, like me, its a new beginning, a fresh start to have new goals for the week. It helps me feel like i can start over and it’d be okay. Gives me hope that upcoming days will be the time of my life. I like to begin my Sundays with are usually breakfast in the morning with my family or head to the beach with my sister. I occasionally like to stop by my local farmers market and just browse around. By just simply picking up a fresh batch of flowers can brighten and inspire my day. I also like going coffee shops. I prefer smaller business’s because it makes me feel more connected to my community. Little things like these is what i love the most. For me, Sundays are new beginnings not ends.


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