Let the healing begin

How is it that its so damn hard to let go? We are so addicted to what isn’t right for us. We are infected with the virus of denial knowing the medicine needed to cure us. We are drunk with the idea that shit can change. That you must be dreaming and everything is an optical illusion. You can’t believe the harsh reality even though deep down you’re yelling at yourself. How is it that we hold on the the torns that leave us nothing but bloody hands?. How is it that we burn and are not willing to put aloe vera on it? We take it as it is, acting like its acceptable. We convince ourselves that holding on is being courageous but not seeing that letting go is what is. We panic at the thought of losing. Not having it anymore is the scariest and thinking we can never have it again. But baby you can do this. You NEED better. You should HAVE better. You WILL have better. Being strong is also knowing that what is killing you right now is making you stronger. You will blossom even brighter. You will shine even harder. You will swim farther. You are KIND. You are WISE. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are STRONG. Let the healing begin. I have.

Love you always,